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Default Re: Lebron has never lost in the First Round of the playoffs

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
oh i wasn't aware that we were discussing the reason the cavs weren't televised the following year?

I thought it was over why the cavs went 19-61 the following season...

which was not because they lost their best player, but they lost their head coach, their starting center, point guard, sixth man, & multiple role players, the cavs that went 19-61 were a compeltly different team than they year before.

LeBron was the only worthwhile player on that team. Mo Williams? 40 year old Shaq? These are role players. That entire team was full of mediocre role players.

They were a completely different team because of LeBron. The Cavs went from an elite defense to one of the worst in the league. Now tell me, what dominant defenders did they lose other than LeBron? He anchored a defense from the perimeter, just like he does now on Miami.

Once LeBron left the Cavs joined the the Bobcats/Wizards/etc. category. They have some promise now with Irving who could become a good player, but LeBron was all the Cavs had. He made that team.

I'm still waiting for someone to find a player that carried a cast as bad as Clevelands to multiple 60+ win seasons. And I'll remain waiting because noone will be able to produce a name.
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