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Default Re: Bo McCalebb (Euroleague's BEST PG) vs. Celtics Highlights 10-5-12

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yes you're right. He played in Division I. People are probably confused because he played on such a weak Division I team (New Orleans) in such a weak Division I conference (Sun Belt). I mean he was once voted player of the year of the Sun Belt Conference and was not even drafted by any NBA team. I don't even think he was invited to an NBA training camp as a free agent and went immediately to Mersin which isn't even a Euroleague, Eurochallenge or Eurocup team.

And wtf is your point? He didn't play in Division II, but that ****ing PIECE OF SHIT Nick Young keeps saying he did in dozens of posts in this forum.

You accuse me of being a "liar' when I only tell true things and don't make stuff up or lie. But because it pisses you off, I get called a "liar".

But then ****ing PIECES OF SHIT like Nick Young make up lies like that here all the time and no one like you, that acts all high and mighty and like they are concerned with "truth" and being "fair and objective" never says a word about it.

You and Grinder should join forces, you are equally as hypocritical and full of shit as each other.

And why the hell did you mention EuroChallenge in your post? How many times do European fans have to explain this to you? EuroChallenge is a VERY VERY VERY low level in Europe. It contains second division teams, and semi pro teams. As in second divisions of national leagues and teams from semi pro national leagues.

They will have 2-3 maybe low level teams from say the French League, which is one of the crappiest fully pro national leagues in Europe, or something like that. There is no reason for you to even mention the EuroChallenge in your post. Did you not even know that the Spanish League does not even compete in EuroChallenge? They don't compete because the level is too low for any of their teams.

The only way a Spanish League team can compete in EuroChallenge is if they get an invite and file a waiver claim with the ACB allowing them to play. The Greek League does not even allow their teams to play in it at all. 4-5 years ago they actually banned any Greek clubs from playing in it, because it was considered detrimental to the clubs if they played at such a low level.

So why the **** do you think playing in EuroChallenge means something? WTF is wrong with you? Every damn European fan in this forum has told you what a freaking joke the EuroChallenge is and how incredibly low the level of it is, yet you keep acting like it holds some kind of legit place in European basketball. Why is it so hard for you to stop being a douche bag?

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