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Default Re: Bo McCalebb (Euroleague's BEST PG) vs. Celtics Highlights 10-5-12

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Ty Lawson wasn't able to beat his man off the dribble in Euroleague most of the time. Ty Lawson is much slower than McCalebb is.

McCalebb also supposedly has like a 40 inch vertical.

You remind me of the NBA only fans that claim Nikos Galis wasn't athletic enough to play in the NBA, even though he had a 400 pound bench press, a 40 inch vertical, and could hang in the air as long as Jordan could.......

You are a complete dumb ass.

Quick name search on Youtube... very first clip he beats his man off the dribble. You are so blind with bias you aren't even aware how full of shit you are
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