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Default Re: Celtics preseason game 2: Emporio Armani Milano, at Milan, 12pm ET/18 Italy time

Originally Posted by kNIOKAS
How they not calling travel on Rondo's typical play is beyond me

Because FIBA and Euroleague switched to NBA travel and carry rules. I have said this over and over in this forum, yet no one seems to grasp it.

FIBA switched to using the SAME rules as the NBA for travel and carry calls prior to the 2012 Olympics, and used those rules during the 2012 Olympics.

The Euroleague reviewed the rules changes and also made the change, and those rules are now in effect officially for this season.

Actually, as I pointed out several times in this forum, the Euroleague actually put those NBA style rules into effect last season, when the NBA players were in Euroleague during the lockout. However, they removed them once the Top 16 started.

But now, since FIBA changed the rules for the Olympics, they are also now official Euroleague rules, since the Euroleague decided to approve them.

The hand check rule was also instituted for 2012 Olympics and Euroleague also added it. Just like they had it on trial last year during the NBA lockout. This has been explained by me about 10 times already in this forum. Is there some reason why no one can grasp that the rules have changed?

Besides that, these games are played under NBA rules. Every single NBA rule is in effect, except the defensive 3 seconds rule.

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