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Default Re: Pick to be the star of this team, Jordan VS Russell

Originally Posted by jongib369
Can you explain why? Obviously from my previous post I disagree but only slightly...if the 2 teams were to face each other I could almost see it going 50/50 in a 20 game series.

1,347 posts and that high of a rep? I deff respect your opinion if your willing to go into some depth as to your reasoning
I am just uncertain how much of an impact Russell would have in today's game with more athletic players (I know this is the common knock on Russell but it's hard for me to ignore). I have no doubt he would still be an elite defender and one of the best rebounders in the game but I doubt his impact would be as great, partly because of the amount of perimeter scoring in today's game.

Jordan on the other hand would be dominant in any era IMO. Personally, I'd rather have a scoring machine who can provide elite perimeter defense than a rebounding/defensive presence in the paint.

I can understand someone picking Russell though.

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