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Default Re: Who's game is the most aesthetically pleasing?

I'm also a big fan of watching Ginobili on offense. He's extremely intelligent and deceitful with his movements. Almost Barry Sander-esque when he drives, to be honest, like his hip separates from his body. And a terrific passer with elite vision to boot. Probably the sexiest part of his game is his pace. He looks out of control and never really is. Not sure how that works, but it's awesome.

Anyone who can orchestrate an offense like both teams on the court are puppets is great. I'm speaking of the Rondo's, Nash's, and CP3's of the game.

Bigs? Scola has a beautiful post game. Even more impressive that he's not that great of an athlete and is smaller than many of the PFs he's defended by. Then there's Al Jeff, who probably has the most polished post moves in the game right now.

Lastly, of course the silky players: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Durant. Heck, I still love watching McGrady play. The guy moves like a Barry White song, even still at his current age and crippled body.
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