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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

Another view of the scrimmage:

Kanter really stole the show, both before and during the game. He acted as MC for part of the time and showed off his dance moves this year. Heís not the shy young Turk from last year. Heís got a nice outside shot, with range, and makes his free throws. He is a lean, mean fighting machine. He gets up and down the court quickly and plays above the rim.

Burks played some point, alongside Gordon, very well. He can really push and handle the ball. At 6′6″ and Gordon at 6′8″, what a nightmare that would be for other teams! Gordon was smooth, with such a soft shot. This should be a breakout year for him.

Randy Foye got a lot of time at the point and pushes the ball very well. He can knock down the 3. He will be tough competition for Alec to get minutes.

Kevin Murphy can shoot the ball. He has such nice range. It looks like the 47th pick is lucky for the Jazz, because he should make the 3rd #47 pick on the Jazz this year. It seems like youíre either a lottery pick, or a #47 pick, if you play for the Jazz.

Marvin Williams has great size and is very fluid. He has a balanced, smooth shot. He looked good going to the hole a couple of times. His 6′9″ size is going to be matchup problems for other teamís SFs.

Foye also playing some one but with Mo and Watson out someone had to.
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