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Default Re: Predict the standings in the East

Originally Posted by Suckafree
I think the Nets are getting overlooked here while they pacers are getting overrated. Last year the Pacers depth helped them greatly in the injury riddled lockout season. Yes they played well against the heat but I feel people are looking into that too much. The ensemble cast type rosters usually dont tend to have much success unless your a high power offense type team i.e. Spurs/Nuggets. \

1. Heat
2. Knicks
3. Brooklyn
4. Celtics
5. 76ers
6. Bulls
7. Pacers
8. Whoever is the most willing to get steamrolled by the Heat.

Boy that atlantic division is gunna be what the southwest division was during the mid 2000's. I feel sorry for the raptors.

So the 5th best team in the whole league last year will now fall down to 7th in the east this season? They were a young team that just gained a ton of playoff experience the last 2 years so its safe to assume that they would have homecourt advantage in the 1st round
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