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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
Westbrook got benched for Maynor over and over, if he was healthy last year same thing woulda happened, Westbrook shoots the dumbest shit I have ever seen his basketball iq is so low

Most overstated POS on this forum and in the outside world.
Westbrook gets alot of flack, but is still in the upper tier (top 10 easy) of players in the league. The sad thing in your statement is that Maynor is currently in a fight with Reggie Jackson for the backup point role.

Dont underrate the fact that OKC got to the finals last year under both KD's AND WB gameplay. But hey, keep underrating him. I am sure every team in the league would jump at the opportunity to pick him up if given the chance.
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