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Default Re: David Robinson Greatest Games: 50 Points vs Minnesota (1994)

I really appreciate this thread and upload. This is like a gold mine to me. It was kind of tough at times being a huge David Robinson fan in Detroit growing up. In the mid-90's, any team besides the Bulls, Magic, Knicks, Lakers, and hometown Pistons seemed more or less ignored on TV. I had to rely on Sportscenter highlights, nationally televised games and newspapers for proper Spurs coverage. It didn't really give me much, though I do remember seeing the three pointer in this T-Wolves game on Sportscenter. It's pretty awesome to see all the clips from a game I knew of but more or less had never seen.

Anyway, I usually have a tough time talking about my favorite players because I know anything I say is undoubtedly going to contain bias. However, I recommend watching at the 4:20 mark of the clip in the first post. I ask this honestly (and not rhetorically), what other centers in history could run the way Robinson does after that steal? When I was young I used to read how he ran like a guard but I always took it as an exaggeration. Watching games back then I apparently didn't notice. Looking back now though... good grief.
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