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Default Re: Predict the standings in the West

Originally Posted by KeyNote
I am applying logic

look, I'm not as high as you are, obviously, on the clippers additions...odom is washed up..he can't even get around anybody anymore...they made a mistake letting kenyon and evans go...grant hill is 40...I really like bledsoe and crawford though..but they're front court rotation leaves much to be desired in my opinion

I'm looking at a nuggets team that was MUCH better after the trade for he'll be starting at the C getting the majority of minutes with mozgov backing him up...faried will be better in his second season and has anthony randolph as his back will be good and brewer backing him up..they trade for a star in iggy, and lawson could be a superstar

didn't even mention andre miller..yes, I think they'll be the 2 seed..could be wrong, but it's a prediction bro

Let's say Odom, Hill, Turiaf etc are scrubs right? Clippers should still be better considering they will have a full training camp, DJ and Bledsoe should improve a ton and Blake and CP3 will have another year of chemistry together. Under no circumstance do I see the Nuggets surpassing the Spurs or the Clippers outside of a blown knee or something from a star player.
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