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Default Re: Predict the standings in the West

Originally Posted by NugzFan
I dont care. Put denver last - I've never cared about preseason picks. I just want Denver to earn respect. I'm only in this thread to laugh at you.

You on the other hand take it all personally and get so butt hurt everytime someone doesn't agree with your stupid homer ass. You whine every chance you get when you aren't too busy flooding ish with awful threads about what toothpaste Griffin is now using or bledsoe hall of fame induction date.

Stfu, stop crying like a bitch and let the clippers earn their respect.

Let the Nuggets earn theirs. Clippers advanced, Nuggets didn't. One team was full strength, other was decimated. Clippers>Nuggets at this point until proven otherwise. I like the Nuggets a lot and I personally do respect them but ranking them 2 and 3 seed? Get real people.
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