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Default Re: What do you realistically expect from Carmelo Anthony this season

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
A.I actually had one of the best seasons of his career with Denver. 3rd lowest tpg, 2nd highest FG% of his entire career. Put up 26\7\3 with 2 steals and looked like the usual A.I. Kinda why Detroit was willing to give up Billups whom than went on to be Melo's 2nd banana, not K-Mart. Wes Persons barely got any burn that year and if my memory serves me correctly he actually shot pretty well for them from distance

Even in the earlier years you could probably argue 'Dre was just as good as Martin if not better.

Either way I disagree this is the best team put around Carmelo. Melo always had talent around him. Just wasn't going to upset those teams and his inefficiency in the playoffs at times is what helped contribute to those Nuggets teams rolling over in 4-5 games. However he's finally out of the dreaded Western Conference. Now he needs to get his shit together and get NY home court advantage which is a realistic possibility and than face a team that's beatable.

^this is all true about AI (but idk that this applies to melo)

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