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Default Re: Best Transition Duo, Lebron and Wade or Jordan and Pippen?

Uh...Scottie Pippen was one of the greatest transition players of all time. With his athleticism, insane length and strides, handles, passing ability, and finishing ability he's one of the top 5 transition players of all time. He only needed two dribbles from the half court line before he was going into his dribble. Yeah he would just wait for Jordan...

I dunno if everyone posting here is too young to have watched Scottie Pippen or just stupid, but Pippen is easily one of the top 5 transition players of all time and as good as Wade and lebron easily. He was as good as Jordan frankly in that aspect of their games. Scottie Pippen was a one man fast break. Too many youngsters have no idea what they are talking about in this thread.

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