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Default Re: Lebron has never lost in the First Round of the playoffs

Originally Posted by Bandito
Even ifnlebron was the main reason they won 60 games he's the main reason why they lost against the Celtics in that pathetic conference finals because he gave up, trying to use a Phantom shoulder injury excuse. he was trying to do the same in 2011 but the heat denied that he was injured. As talented and athletic as he is he is weak in the head, he doesnt have heart as some people say.

In 2012 though he showed a lot of heart though, specially when he had those cramps because you could see he was playing with a mission becoming the point guard in that team. I give him his dues but I am not a stan like you guys tmacattack and just say he's the goat just because. Those two years were critical for him and he blew it.
he did choke during the 2011 finals but I don't remember him faking a shoulder injury like you say
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