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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Originally Posted by bdreason
And Warriors only started 2 starters, and didn't play their All-Star caliber PG or C at all... so anyone who thinks the Lakers got blown out by the Warriors real squad are clearly trolling. Warriors bench blew out the Lakers bench tonight... because the Warriors have a better bench.

mike brown trying to get everyone thats in uniform to play. which meant playing guys who ive never heard of that are on the laker team, 13th, 14th players. Like that samogyl guy or w.e. Was just a experimental game, I think I heard the announcers after halftime say kobe and co. were in the locker room or something.

fact is game was pointless and does not mean anything other than steve nash and gasol look great, Ron artest is looking healthy and fit. And how the bench players/guys who will not make it on the team perform.

btw did Meeks play? wasn't able to catch him.
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