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Default Re: Who's game is the most aesthetically pleasing?

I like watching the players with unique games- the ones where if you could only see their silhouette you'd know who it was from their moves.

Being an OKC fan my two are KD and Russ. KD because of his crazy length and lankiness- I swear sometimes when he dunks it looks like the ball is carrying him up to the rim.

I'd have to say Westbrook is my favorite just because of the sheer reckless he brings to his game. Anyone who has ever accused him of not caring about a team or being a stat padder is effing insane- nobody hits the hardwood as often as he does if they only care about themselves. Westbrook has this strange kind of herky-jerk athleticism that makes it seem like he's always ready to explode.

Even though the Lakers are kind of our nemesis I admire Kobe's game just for the drama of it. I was in awe when he hit a three and held up his finger to shush the crowd during the 2008 olympics gold medal round. Kobe has a certain kind of ruthless to his game that doesn't seem to recognize anybody else on the court but Kobe.
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