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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Originally Posted by senelcoolidge
Excuses. You know the fakers are in some deep crap. Just kidding! But the lakers have a terrible bench and 3 old guys as their starters. Good luck guys. Of course this was preseason and means nothing. If you have watched all of these first preseason games they were all sloppy. But the lakers should never lose by 27 to a supposedly inferior team. At least make it respectable. Warriors weren't even trying.

Neither were the Lakers it would seem. None of the starters played after the second quarter, and while the Warriors deployed their starters and 2nd unit throughout the second half, Coach Brown devoted minutes to 3rd string players + Jamison and Hill.

Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes are going to be a beast of a duo on the offensive side of the ball. If Curry, Barnes, and Bogut can stay healthy, GSW gonna tear it up
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