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Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
Everything, general consensus among people that know basketball will say that the best decade is the 80's, why you're acting so suprised lol.
Id say that general consensus you're talking about is nothing but Lakers and Celtics fans that are bitter over the Bulls dominance of the 90s. A dominance that no team has ever had.

The 80's had amazingly deep teams filled with amazing players, yes there were bad teams but not as much as in every other era (on average), and almost no really terrible team.
The Western Conference in the 90s was terrible. There was no competition for the showtime Lakers. And the league was filled with guys strung out on cocaine.

Had like 4 of the GOAT teams in NBA history ('83 Sixers, '86 C's, '87 Lakers, '89 Pistons).
This doesn't mean the League was better. Perhaps you can enlighten how four teams can make a whole decade.

Then you had other really good teams throughout the decade, at some point, like the Bucks (especially), the Rockets, the Hawks, the Mavs, the Nuggets, the Knicks...
The league wasn't watered down.
Another myth perpetuated by Laker and Celtics fans. There were more athletes playing basketball in the 90s. And the talent pool increased.

Filled of excitment with a lot of amazing players like, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Jordan, Erving, Isiah, Wilkins, Moses, Worthy, McHale, Ewing, Hakeem, Barkley, English, Moncrief, Gervin, King, Dantley, Karl, Stock, Nance, Drexler, Aguirre..........
This is a preference. Doesn't mean the 80s is the best due to it possessing your favorite players.

Rules wasn't for p**sies.
All decades have had rule changes. The 80s was no exception.

Historic and competitive contests and all star games.
LOL really?
You had it all.
No decade trumps another. They've all given basketball fans memorable moments. Why you 80s guys feel the need to continuously make this claim is beyond me. Not to mention the fact that players careers overlaps. Teams rise and fall. Aand dynasties are beaten by new dynasties. There weren't really any dynsties in the 70s. But the NBA 80s dynasties the Lakers and Celtics were beaten by the Pistons who were beaten by the Bulls.
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