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Default Re: GT: Lakers vs Warriors 10/7/12 in Fresno

Originally Posted by bdreason
Honestly, Lakers fans (at least my friends) overrate the Lakers bench players so much. We're talking about the worst scoring bench in the NBA last season, and they added who? 40 year old Antawn Jamison? And Jodie Meeks? Couple of decent additions I guess, but I have no doubt the Lakers bench is one of the lowest scoring in the NBA this season as well... which is fine, because their starting lineup is stacked to the brim, but have no doubt, the bench is a weakness of the Lakers.

As for the Warriors, look at our 2nd unit;

Jarret Jack
Brandon Rush
Richard Jefferson / Harrison Barnes
Carl Landry
Andris Biedrins / Jeremy Tyler

Outside of the Clippers, I think the Warriors might have the best 2nd unit in the NBA. Of course I'm a total homer.

well i think jamison and meeks and stuff are solid players. thats not the problem. the issue is the engine, if you will. Someone like sacre can look like an nba solid player when nash is on the floor. jamison and meeks are gonna be awesome with nash or at least kobe in there. But the bench is still run by the same piece of garbage.

its like we got a shiny new bench car, but our engine is steve blake. no. we dont have an engine in our car. we are being pulled along by a single horse with brain damage.

that is what its like having your offense run by him. there were so many chances tonight for him to hit an open jamison but hes just blind and bad. im almost blinded by how bad steve blake is at basketball.

it wont matter in the long run as you said, but its a weakness. and its only because of one player imo.
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