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Default Re: Shaq VS Wilt- Top 7 Competition, amount of games played

Originally Posted by millwad
My mom's friend has a son who has Aspergers, his obsessions are very similiar to your when it comes to Wilt.
Haha I myself wouldnt call it an obsession, Ive focused this heavily before on a single paayer so its not like I get my rocks off about him like obsession makes it sound . I just single out a player, learn as much as I can and then usually go to the next. Before it was Jordan, before that russell, bird, magic, kobe, shaq (reason why I know his head2head from memory) etc. What I AM obsessed with is psychology...which is why I'm majoring in it...this is the only place I vent my inner sperger, You cant tell from talking to me.
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