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Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
Everything, general consensus among people that know basketball will say that the best decade is the 80's, why you're acting so suprised lol.

The 80's had amazingly deep teams filled with amazing players, yes there were bad teams but not as much as in every other era (on average), and almost no really terrible team.
Had like 4 of the GOAT teams in NBA history ('83 Sixers, '86 C's, '87 Lakers, '89 Pistons).
Then you had other really good teams throughout the decade, at some point, like the Bucks (especially), the Rockets, the Hawks, the Mavs, the Nuggets, the Knicks...
The league wasn't watered down.
Filled of excitment with a lot of amazing players like, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Jordan, Erving, Isiah, Wilkins, Moses, Worthy, McHale, Ewing, Hakeem, Barkley, English, Moncrief, Gervin, King, Dantley, Karl, Stock, Nance, Drexler, Aguirre..........
Rules wasn't for p**sies.
Historic and competitive contests and all star games.
You had it all.

Don't forget that fundamentals were at an all-time high back then too. Plus, coaches were way more respected back then, and would bench you in a heartbeat for slacking.
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