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Default Re: Who's game is the most aesthetically pleasing?

Rose, you know he's coming and he's going to put some dynamo in it. Its like watching a great running back. Is fluid like water and lite like air.

Lebron, power, flair, speed and versatily are a rare combo. Great Bball sense can morph into any other position.

Chris Paul, he creates options with great execution and clear thinking. I love the way he kind of hovers into a situation and then figures a way to make it explode.

KG, plays all out and with crazy intensity. Very rare in any sport to see intensity and versatilty together in one of the best defensive executors in the league. KG makes more right defensive plays than I ever seen in the sport. He's like a great linebacker (Lawrence Taylor) with his decision making.

Will like to see more of Rubio.
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