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Default Re: Zone defense in the NBA

Originally Posted by GOBB
How often do you think its played? Any stats that show how often teams play it be it individual or league as a whole? Gueses perhaps on the % they do go zone?


Funny i was just looking into this too, apparently it isn't employed by many teams, from what i've read. Man to Man is still the primary defense for almost every team in the league since teams aren't able to play true zone, they're wary of the pitfalls that come with playing it.

Synergy Sports tracks the numbers, but i can't find a list of percentages for all the teams.

Here are some of the numbers though:

Zone is weird, for instance here a quote from the article:

"The Heat are ranked 20th against the zone, according to Synergy. They are No. 4 against a man-to-man."

Yet 4 months later:

"But here’s reality: The Heat have played against a lot of zone this season, and they have done quite well against it. Only three teams — Utah, Charlotte and Oklahoma City — faced zone defenses on a larger percentage of their possessions than Miami did, according to a report prepared for by the statistics- and video-tracking service Synergy Sports. The Heat shot 48.3 percent against zones (112-of-232), the third-best mark in the league, behind only Sacramento and Orlando, which went against a zone less often than any other team. The Heat scored more efficiently against zones, in terms of points per possession, than they did overall for the season, per Synergy."
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