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Default Re: Lebron has never lost in the First Round of the playoffs

Originally Posted by Bigsmoke
LeBron wasnt the one who kept the Heat in it in game 1?

Kobe was the issue why the Lakers didn't win in 2004. he sucked... worrying about who sucked more between Kobe in 2004 or LeBron in 2011 should be irrelevant but very hypocritical to nag about.

i dont even know why i'm responding to you. Kobe's cock is too far down your throat.

Love it how morons like you always want to try to diss Kobe to try to make Lebron look good. You seemed to have conveniently left out the part where the Lakers lost Malone during the playoffs. And say whatever you want about Kobe, he didn't just quit like Lebron did in '11, nor did he get embarrassed by a role player the way Terry did Lebron. Stop reaching

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