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Lightbulb Re: Lakers preseason games

Originally Posted by Da Kobester
Dude your better off missing the 1st pre-season game vs the Warriors in fresno the 1st half they played their starters executed well to perfection all except D-Ho (not suited) and held a 56-49 lead. Then coach Brown didn't play their starters Kobe,Gasol,MWP and Nash in the 2nd half due to letting everyone to be familiar with their roles and some others to earn a roster spot (19 suited). However in the 2nd half all hel.l broke loose 35-0 run by the Warriors no damn I don't recall seeing a can of whip as.s in any level of a sporting event preseason or a regular game handed to any team like dat damn it was dreadful though not meaningful just plain pathetic level of play. Maybe you can use this link for wednesday's october 10th game vs Blazers as well as all 7 games left til TWC reach all agreements with other providers in which they eventually will before the October 30th 1st regular season game.........streamlined this link:

The plays where bad!! Coach sux a$$!!
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