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Talking Re: Jordan Hill Avoids Jail Time

Originally Posted by DKLaker don't understand how this stuff works......blaming Lakerfreak for your red dot is like blaming the weather on Mike Brown.....not even I would do that
Other ISH members are the ones who rep or neg you with green or red dots....the entire thing is meaningless. At 1 point I had 8 green dots but after months of venturing into the main board where all the idiots reside, I found myself with 3 red dots Since I really don't care about this stuff I continue to clown around on the main board collecting red from the Lakers Haters. Unless they start giving away Lakers tickets or new Mercedes Benz for green dots, I will keep doing what I'm doing.
As for kk, the guy cracks me up, right or wrong he fearlessly says what is on his mind........always entertaining for me and I think he tries to get red dots I have never negged anyone......not even the A-holes who used to be on really is meaningless. I do however green rep people.
Hector was a pup I'm repping you for that because I NEVER hear anyone use that "Chickism" except me and my best friend.

Back on topic.......Jordan Hill was VERY impressive last night, he could make a name for himself this season.

Wut calling me a a-hole!!! A$$hole!!!! But ya Jordan hill got game!!!
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