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Default Re: Who's better?: Nets vs Clipper?

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
thanks, most people can read standings.. not everyone looks up head to head.
I was replying to those that wondered how BK could stop Griffin, but it seems Griffin should worry about stopping Hump and the Nets who have a winning record against him.

My point was.... H2H by either players or teams doesn't mean dick in opposite conferences. Not sure what QRich was saying but this thread is obviously an insult to the Clippers. When the Clippers won 19 games I wouldn't have made a thread about them vs the Lakers just because they added a nice player (who isn't an all star anymore). Basically they retained their players and traded for JJ who's been declining and all the sudden expect 20-30 win turnaround? Nets will be very nice for the next 5+ years but I know first hand that it takes time to really build something. Can't expect immediate turnaround from adding a player like Johnson. Add a Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Chris Paul (win percentage wise he's up there) who have 3 of the best team turnarounds in NBA history who impact the game on every level sure.
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