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Default Re: Do some people really think Larry Bird couldn't dominate like he did, in this era?

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
I won't the advantage would be big but there would be an advantage, offensive and defensively.
Larry worked in the post a lot, battled inside and did his fair share of slashing, if you watched him you know, that type of play would always get people to the line, just because the best part of his game was shooting, doesn't mean he was strictly a jump shooter.

It got worse from college to NBA, of course he had to adapt and worked on his shooting throughout his NBA years getting better than he was, without having to adapt his shooting from the get go, he could probably better from early on.
Like I said, burden of proof. You need evidence. Even in his rookie season his ft% was up on both of Larry's last two years in college (and his college career average). Thereafter his yearly ft%s never fell below his best year in college (and college seasons are short enough that there's more influence by luck, so I wouldn't think that one year would be more representative than the totality of his college career).

Right now if the evidence would seem to suggest it improved his shooting, not that I'm claiming it did, to be clear, I'm not claiming that it did. But you have to prove that got worse. With evidence, not just repeating the assertion.
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