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Default Re: Do some people really think Larry Bird couldn't dominate like he did, in this era?

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT
Some can have a bit of pace inflated stats (like the run n gun Nuggets) but some of the names you said were simply great scorers, watching them play you can tell, just because you had amazing scorers at the SF that can't be a knock on the D against the SF's, please, not like they were letting them score, you had SF's that were masters at midrange and offball, great shooters, could drive, some really athletic, and most had an amazing post game, some of those areas you really didn't see like today much on SF's. That would be the same for eras with great scoring centers or guards.
You don't got many scoring centers right now, is that because the defense against centers is that good?

Why prime at the same time? If Bird can do some of those things out of his prime (even while others were at their prime), imagine in his prime.

I can give another example, I saw Bird hitting fallaways against 7'4, 35'' vert or so, Ralph Sampson, not like nobody could be stopping it, plus he hit those like he was uncontested, that's what I was getting at.

And just because there were many amazing scoring SF's in the 80's you also had your fair share of good defensive ones, or even other guys that could cover SF's.
All have some pace inflated stats relative to the modern game. The pace was faster. Like I said in my first post doesn't make them worse, you just need to adjust or use things that normalise for era (e.g. advanced stats).

There being so many great scorers at SF does exactly state, as I said before, that on average defense is relatively weak. Defense is relative to offense and vice versa. If offense has an advantage in an era then by definition it is relatively weak, necessarily so. It doesn't mean there couldn't be good defenders. Just that there weren't many of them.

Why prime at the same time? Well my thinking was that players that develop at around the same time are going to have fair comparisons throughout their career, rather than "look what Bird can do against an aging Bobby Jones" or the opposite "look how Rodman and Pippen embarrassed an aging Bird".

But it's up to you, it's your thread. Discuss not prime at the same time. But that makes 97 Bulls posts about Pippen and Rodman destroying Bird valid.
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