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Default Re: Jordan Hill Avoids Jail Time

Originally Posted by Da Kobester
Hey lakerfreak I do hope that you get a chance to read this post that I replied back to you. I understand you are the moderator here and with all your years of postings that I've read I can respect that.No diss on J.Hill he's got upside and know that he was a lottery pick by the knicks 2 years ago so he's got potential and the Lakers could really use his rebounding combined with his god given athleticism & energy he brings off the bench.

Question for you Lakerfreak I'm new here in-terms of postings with only (69) lol I did have a ok reputation given a 1 level green same status as DLaker's though with over 6k postings until now I'm labeled as red whasup wit dat? I've been following the Lakers since hector was a pup as the legendary Chicky baby would say and have been following the Lakers since Magic was drafted in 79' and been a lifelong Laker fan long before I am a Kobe fan. Noticeably when I check in periodically on Lakers (ISH) message board to get my quick Laker fix I find it fascinating that the Lakerfans on iSH are far more knowledgeable and informative then any other fan base sites whatsoever so therefore a SHOUT OUT to ISH Lakerfans and all Laker nations in general! Therefore I will be posting here more often particularly this upcoming season and beyond! I ain't a hater just giving my true Laker inputs the way I see it, though perhaps some maybe less intriguing and to the point where I noticed it had downgraded my reputation from a ok green to a unimpressive red level perhaps due to this J.Hill posting? PS: but I won't worry too much look at kkinchen lol.

Pretty much what DKlaker said. Its posters who give you rep, positive or negative. Its not up to me. To be completely honest with you, Im 100% against the repping system because it takes away people's credibility. It doesn't count everyone's opinion, and the reason we join this site isn't to make money. On the contrary, we lose time and money. But because we love the game so much, we come on here to talk with others who have a little bit of time, and then we get negative repped? I think its a stupid system that needs to be done away with.

I never use the rep system anymore. Doesn't make the least bit of difference to me if people have 10 greens, 10 reds, or whatever. I respond to everyone I can with the same approach. So Im sorry if you thought I had something to do with it. First impressions are irreplaceable.

Thank you for your compliments of the posters on ISH. Take some advice from a poster thats been on here for a bit....disregard the stupid rep system. Nobody in the lakers forum gives a crap. We just wanna talk ball.
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