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Default Re: Week 5 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
i can't say enough good things about watt. that was honestly one of the most dominant DE performances i've ever seen. not just the sacks, but the QB pressures, the deflections and going inside to stop the run.

i'll admit i haven't seen a ton of texans play this year so i figured he was just beating a lot of single coverage and getting the upper hand. tonight though, jets were doubling him and clearly were paying attention. didn't matter...dude made plays all over the field. if they did single cover him, he beat the tackle almost every time...didn't even look to be in the same league.

this guy is going to put so much pressure on offenses. you might want to hang an extra back out there to try to pick him up. ya, he'll probably get steamrolled but at least he'll slow him down.

the only area i can see him really improve upon is using his hands to get inside more. that's not to say he's bad there either...he's good just not elite. he's already elite as a pass rusher and coverage guy for that position. the coverage and versatility is what sets him apart a bit from other sack artists.

is there any question that he's the best 3-4 DE in the game? DPOY so far imo. if he keeps this up over his career, we're talking HOF. i'm trying not to be a prisoner of the moment here, but like i said, that was plain dominant.

Watt was a monster on MNF, singlehandedly abused the Jets OL and passing attack. Reminded me of JPP's SNF domination against the Cowboys at Dallas last year.

IMO Both those guys, plus Aldon Smith, and Von Miller, are the future faces of defense in the NFL.

BTW that Reed kid on the Texans is pretty good too...
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