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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

If you go to an ER they'll shoot you full of Ativan and write you a prescription for xanax and tell you to see a psychiatrist. I've had panic attacks, but never thought of actually going to the hospital. I thought I was having a heart attack too, but as I was already diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorders so I was pretty sure that is what it was, so I just tried to to relax. I had no benzo's on me at the time as I don't think i was seeing a doctor at the time, but I just tried to relax and it eventually just went away. I'm prescribed klonopin regularly now for anxiety in general now and another drug that is one of the old TCA that is supposed to work good for OCD and anxiety I just started, so we'll see if it helps, but yeah if you've never had a panic attack or aren't ready for it haven't been diagnosed yet it will freak you out because I'm no judge as i've never had a heart attack, but it feels the way you think a heart attack would feel: shortness of breath, panic obviously, you just start freaking out, especially when you have no idea what is going on.
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