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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock
One of the biggest differences between the two that is in Lebron's favor is what they could do with a weak team. Lebron took scrubs to the NBA finals, had the best record in the NBA twice with scrubs. For Jordan all we see are excuses for losing in the first round three years in a row (1-9 in the playoffs) and he barely got out of the first round in year four in the final game of the series (not coincidentally Scottie Pippen's first career start where he had a very good game).

The quitting argument is amusing. Jordan literally quit two days before training camp in 1994, forcing his team to find a scrub from the Italian league to replace him on that short notice. Imagine if he left in a timely manner and they had a legitimate starter with a team that nearly won the East's top seed even with Pete Myers as SG...The biggest fact regarding quitting between the two is Jordan walked away from basketball for five seasons. Lebron simply will have more time to accumulate achievements due to coming out of high school and not retiring twice.

Let's recap them at 27:

Rings: Lebron 1, Jordan 1
NBA finals: Lebron 2, Jordan 1
ECF's: Lebron 3, Jordan 2
Best record in the NBA: Lebron 2, Jordan 0
MVP's: Lebron 3, Jordan 2
DPOY: Jordan 1, Lebron 0
All-NBA first teams: Lebron 6, Jordan 5

That is technically true in a sense but going 0.500 twice and having three outright losing seasons is still not something to boast about. Lebron has only had one season at .500 and below and that was when he was 19. Does anyone see Jordan winning 66 games with scrubs in Cleveland?

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