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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by Maniak
jeremy lin is the definition of black hole. i just lipped off my whole team in an interview and now im going to request a trade.

im rated around a 70 yet im so much worse than my 60 something 3 pt specialist .DO NOT MAKE A SLASHING SF!!!!!!! i really wish i went with all around. this character sucks. i think im just going to stop playing and stack up on some VC

vc gains in my career infuriate me.

Funny you mention that, after getting more and more pissed at my point guards, I switched to a slashing SF to see if it would be more enjoyable. Nope. I'm ****ing done with this shit, and I've only been playing it for a day. Not getting enough burn, getting dinged for dropped passes to teammates, having to play the 4 when i'm a 6'3" point guard, being the only player playing help defense and getting dinged for leaving my man open and letting him score because I was trying to prevent another player from scoring, teammates taking ridiculously stupid shots late in close games, losing teammate and fan support for answering questions strictly about the team like I'm a New England Patriot...I don't think I even listed half of the stuff that pisses me off. **** this, I'm sticking to Association mode.

I've grown to hate the real life Jrue Holiday because of this experience, and I'm dead serious about that lol.

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