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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

Welp, I'm really fcking bored right now. Normally, I'd be watching episodes of Sons at this hour, but I'm all caught up. Today was actually the first time I got to watch it "live". So, naturally I'm just looking up a bunch of sht relating to SOA. I'll share.

see her naked here

Here's Opie in Saved by the Bell

Here is Chibbs in Braveheart and Gladiator

The scars are real. He got them from some ruthless thugs outside a bar where he DJ'ed.

Anyone notice Juice's weight loss? I was worried he got the "big c" or something. Fortunately he's just appearing in a movie titled, Meth Heads. Guess that explains it.

Here is Ron Pearlman in Miami Vice and Beauty & the Beast

Bobby Munson started out in the business as a stand-up comedian with his close friend, Steve Buscemi. Here's a vid

Half-Sack just commited suicide after killing his landlord.

This new member of the cast actually tried suing FX not long ago claiming he came to them with the idea for Sons of Anarchy. Supposedly he used to be president of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. My Uncle is actually doing a life bid for these guys, but that's another story.

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