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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Man. On the outside, you would think I'm this young happy 22 yr old who has his life ahead on him. about to graduate college, already working at a hospital making 48-50K a year(Not job I went to school for)
Driving a bmw, pretty good looking, Good family, etc.

But for some odd reason, I never am, truly, "HAPPY".

YEAH, I have problems, like everyone else. But no matter how hard i try to say and preach to and be more "positive, be optimistic, enjoy life ", the less I actually am.

Throughout my whole life, I've had problems. For one reason or another, shit just always depressed me. Everyday it's a struggle to feel "happy".

Idk, it doesnt make sense to me and it isnt clear but I'm just always unhappy and uneasy. Something is always bothering me, and im always thinking about some shit i shouldnt be thinking about.

The only time I dont, or feel happy is when im drinking or ive taken like 8 pain killers. (Hydrocodone)

so has everybody.

(I'm not saying you but) today I find a lot of people thinking that they ain't normal because they are not enjoying as much as they think they should...
there is no reason you should be happy all the time because you have nice salary and a car

so the Don is here to tell you: It's ok to not enjoy.

Life ain't no freakin picnic
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