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Default Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

So it appears that Lebron fans are now calling him Clutch. Is it true? It seems people are quite forgetful sometimes.. let's take a look back in history:

Part 1: Passing up last shots. He has been doing this throughout his Cleveland days. I'm sure everyone remembers the news.. every time Lebron would pass up the final shot.. allowing his teammate to force up a bad shot.

Lebron James Passes Up Last Shot vs Utah Jazz (HD):
With the game on the line in Utah, James passed to Udonis Haslem for an open 17-foot jumper that missed, and Miami’s winning streak was halted at nine.

Since joining the Heat, James is just 1-for-9 in the last 24 seconds of the 4th quarter or overtime with a chance to tie or take the lead.

Lebron James Passes Up Key Shot at 2012 All Star Game (HD)
According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Kobe Bryant was yelling at LeBron to “Shoot the [expletive] ball!” in the final seconds, and Carmelo Anthony gave him a sorry look once the Miami Heat star chucked the ball away in fear.

Afterwards, LeBron said, "Yeah, [Kobe] was telling me to shoot it. I wish I could have that one back.”

After all, big-time NBA stars don't pass with the game on the line. There's no way Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird or Bill Russell give the ball up in that situation, especially with a chance to embarrass one of the top players in the league.

With Kobe guarding him, LeBron could have easily put him in his place by driving past him or faking him out for a jump shot. However, that's not what happened, as LeBron passed the ball, making himself look scared.
Udonis Haslem misses last shot in 4th Quarter vs Boston in Game 4 (2012 East Finals)

Part 2: Quiting

LeBron James 2010 ECS Game 5: 15/6/7 vs. Boston Celtics.
LeBron's Game 5 performance against Boston was perhaps the most talked-about playoff game of the season. The Cavs were blown out on their home floor, with James appearing aloof and disinterested at time, and having shot only 3-14 from the floor. But few if any observers called LeBron out for his performance in the other three Boston games Gilbert brings up.

Part 3: 2011 Finals

2011 NBA Finals Remix

LeBron James 8-point game in NBA Finals 2011
But, Game 4 was a horse of a completely different color. James was a no-show across the board, despite his nine assists and seven rebounds in the contest. He scored just 8 points on just 3-of-11 shooting, but even the stats don't do James justice.

He seemed to be dazed and confused throughout, giving off the same sort of vibes he's had in other big games in his career (remember Game 5 against Boston last season? It's kind of like that).

The worst moments came in the fourth quarter, when James seemed to forget that he was allowed to shoot the basketball.

He turned the contest into a game of Hot Potato, looking to pass virtually every time he touched the ball, and seemed unwilling to take advantage of the fact that he was being guarded by DeShawn Stevenson, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry down the stretch.

LeBron James turns in the biggest choke job of the 2012 NBA season (vs LA Clippers)

Wade Hits Game Winner In OT After Lebron Chokes Again
Lebron misses with 20 secs left, Wade comes up to get the ball, tells everyone including Lebron to GTFO of his way, and proceeded to hit the gamewinner.

There's tons more videos, news articles, but I'm sure this is enough for us to all remember who Lebron really is as a player.

Feel free to add yours thoughts, or add more videos.
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