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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

Originally Posted by BoutPractice
For every moment like that in his career you can come up with a great clutch moment or two.
That's what happens if you scrutinize every single moment of a man's career. Everyone has their ups and downs, even the best... if you're a stan, you'll focus on the former, and if you're a hater, you'll focus on the latter, that's all.
I am a fair man though. I will recognize his greatness as well.
His game 5 against Piston in the ECF, and this year's game 6 were definitely very defining, in the way he took over the entire game.

However- those games.. are different from clutch. He took over the entire game from the beginning. It was greatness in another form.. but not clutch.
I try to remember his great moments, and I can recall those 2 games, but I can't recall any defining moments of clutchness. Example defining clutch moments are like MJ's clutch shots in the playoffs, Kobe, Wade, Rose. Those guys you can remember. It's an x-factor they have..
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