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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

Originally Posted by ripthekik
I am a fair man though. I will recognize his greatness as well.
His game 5 against Piston in the ECF, and this year's game 6 were definitely very defining, in the way he took over the entire game.

However- those games.. are different from clutch. He took over the entire game from the beginning. It was greatness in another form.. but not clutch.
I try to remember his great moments, and I can recall those 2 games, but I can't recall any defining moments of clutchness. Example defining clutch moments are like MJ's clutch shots in the playoffs, Kobe, Wade, Rose. Those guys you can remember. It's an x-factor they have..

Clutchness is overated. Reggie Miller was absolutely clutch but he doesnt have any rings. Shaq on the other hand had to be taken out of close games at the end so he didnt have to shoot free throws but most of the time it didnt matter because he dominated the first 3 1/2 qtrs. Same as LeBron.
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