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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

You have a real problem with context, don't you?
i have no problems
Lebron, along with their defense(most of the credit for that goes to Mike Brown), and their rebounding which you can give Ilgauskas, Gooden and Varejao most of the credit for.
yeh so if their success was 1 lebron gets 0.8, the other 0.2 was made up by a number of players. makes sense.
Jacque Vaughn is decent in a limited role. A good defender, but offensively challenged. The problem, is Armstrong at that stage of his career was also better suited to a back up role.

at calling '03 Kemp a nice player. Garrity was a good 3 point shooting, but didn't really do anything else.
all were better than filth like atkins and okur. atkins could only manage 65 games, and shot 36 percent. okur was only worth 19 minutes in his 72 games, shot 43% from the field and contributed only 6.9 points and 4.7 rebounds.
Kobe was best each season and Wade was top 2, or at worst top 3. There's no argument for Wade being lower than top 3.
bryant was 9th then 19th, and wade was 4th.
Shaq does deserve some of the blame, I can't dispute that. But this isn't a Shaq vs Kobe thing, it's Kobe vs T-Mac. I pretty much agree with your assessment of Shaq vs Kobe in 2003.
bryant gets the slight edge over tmac here
Boston was a 44-38 East team, I'd call them an average team.

Their losses also included a horrendous 17-65 Cavs team, a 35-47 Hawk team, a 37-45 Knick team and a 37-45 Wizard team.

I'll give you credit for looking into it deeper, but you only presented one side, the losses overall is pretty much split between good and bad teams with a couple of average teams thrown in. I wouldn't call the competition too tough or bad.
apart from 1 bad team, the rest of them were tough games to win, especially since 2 were against the league dominating san antonio spurs with peak tim duncan, and slava medvedenko being the second offensive option on his team. kobe did everything a top 5 player could possibly do.
His all around ball was very good, though he was now the primary focus of opposing defenses every night with nobody to take pressure off him, T-Mac faced that for an entire season and averaged 32/7/6 on 46% and 24 FGA while getting his team above .500, Kobe did it for 15 games on 43% and 27 FGA and his team had twice as many losses as wins.
15 games is not 82 games, so no comparison can be made here. bryant led his team to a 50-32 record.
I'd expect Dirk to win more games with a top 2 point guard/top 15 player and all-star/all-nba guard in Nash as well as another all-star caliber player in Finley and a 4th guy in Van Exel who came off the bench compared to the trash T-Mac had. Hell, even Raef LaFrentz would be among T-Mac's best teammates, much less Dirk's 4th best player who would easily be T-Mac's second best.
top 2 point guard? nash wasn't even a top 4 point guard, finley wasn't even top 22 in the league. nowitzki, however, was top 6, was easily dallas' best player in both the regular season and playoffs, led his mavs to the best record in the nba and conference finals, was top 3 most valuable, beat 50 win portland in the wcsf averaging 29.9ppg, 8.9rpg, 1.6apg, 1.6spg, and 0.6bpg on 52%fg, 56%3p, and 90%ft, and beat 59 win sacramento in the wcsf averaging 20.7ppg, 14.3rpg, 2.9apg, 0.9spg, and 1.3bpg on 45%fg, 41%3p, and 88%ft
Kidd was on a better team, you're right about that.
i am right about everything i type
Billups had started to play well in '02 with Minnesota and continued his improvement in '03. He was definitely a solid point guard. Knew how to use his size, could shoot, defend and was becoming pretty good at running a team. He was a score-first point guard, but fit well on that team and was a legitimate threat.
billups was a career journeyman who had barely started over half of his games at point guard and scored 12 points on 10 field goal attempts.
Rip was already a 20 ppg scorer who didn't need the ball and he fit perfectly with Billups. Robinson was an all-defensive second team forward just the year before and a player with size who could stretch the defense with his outside shooting. Then there was Corliss Williamson who had been voted sixth man of the year the previous season and was a physical player who used his size well and was a legitimate scorer in the post and mid-range area. And the team had several other solid role players which I believed I mentioned.
rip was nice, but a downgrade from stackhouse the previous year. robinson was 36 years old, averaged less than 4 rebounds per game, shot the ball 12 times to get his 12 points, and shot less than 40% from the field, and corliss williamson was nowhere near 6th man of the year the previous season.
at Camby being close. It's pretty simple, T-Mac's '05 team was an elite defense as opposed to a terrible defense like his '03 team, a good rebounding team as opposed to a bad one and he still had better shooters.
camby was very close, separated only by the smallest of margins. the magic and rockets were very much the same, given the same system and coach. drew gooden almost was as good as yao in the playoffs.
There's some truth in that, but it still doesn't change the fact that this was a fundamental skill Lebron lacked, and this was exposed his first year in Miami when he was in a position to play without the ball a lot more, but just stood around and didn't move much.
who cares what happened in his first year in miami (he was still the best player in the league by a huge margin). in '07 he showed enough to be the best player in the league outside of tim duncan, as i have already proven time and time again.
Not saying much in that conference.
better than losing in the first round.
This really is a terrible attempt to discredit me. Nobody is falling for it, especially since I've destroyed this myth you've tried to spread.
ppg + popular notions + excuses = shaqattacks reasonings for wrong rankings.
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