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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Lebron has been taking over late in games and making big shots for like 6 years. When you are talking about poor decisions in an all star game in a season he won MVP, finals MVP, and inarguably led his team to a ring with nobody on his team close to matching him in the kinda shows the kind of person you are dealing with.

Lebron is a 3 time MVP, NBA champ, and right in the middle of his prime and with time all the negative will take an even greater backseat as it always does.

There is nothing left for him to do. Hes just left to repeat himself. But there is nothing more to ask of him by anyone to be taken serious. That is over. Hating wise its on to the next one.
Kblaze, it's been very obvious that your stance is pro-Lebron for a long time now.
Taking over late in games and making big shots for last 6 years? Hell no. Last season maybe.
This year nobody matched him? Wade 42 points on 17/25 FG with 10 rebounds?
Why do Lebron fans underrate Wade and Bosh just to prop up Lebron? You talked about it as if he brought the Cavs to the championship. This is the Heat with Wade, top 2 SG and only 1 year removed from prime, Prime Bosh who led his own franchise for 7 seasons avging 20/10, and a top defensive player in Battier.

Clutchness may be overrated, but we're not discuss that. That could be another good discussion in another topic. Here? We're simply discussing whether we can conclude that Lebron is clutch or not.
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