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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

That guy was a Hells Angels president of the NYC chapter. His name is Chuck Zito. He used to be on Howard Stern all the time. And he was a regular at Scores to the point where they used to joke that he could get things there for dinner that weren't on the menu. Howard used to say Scores had the best steak in NYC, but only if you went with Chuck.

He also made tabloids when he allegedly beat the hell out of Jean Claude Van Damme outside of some club, which you may or may not believe. My father is not a rider, but he is a great bike builder, and friends with a great many Hells Angels, mostly in CT, but a lot from NY too, and he's met Zito on more than one occasion.

I'm always intrigued when actors have real scars and they're forced to put their existence into the stories. Chibbs' allegedly came from that IRA guy over his wife and daughter IIRC.
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