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Default Re: Lebron "Clutchness": Let's take a walk down the memory lane


Kblaze, it's been very obvious that your stance is pro-Lebron for a long time now.

I expect no more accuracy on that from you than I do from cheerleaders like Pauk. You are all exactly the same...just on different sides.

Taking over late in games and making big shots for last 6 years? Hell no. Last season maybe.

You do know that other people have also seen the NBA right? That he was seen making multiple game winners in his first playoff series? Dropping 30 in a row on the Pistons...making the walkoff 3 vs the winners vs the Bobcats, Warriors, blazers, and so on? I watched him knock down the 3 to force OT vs the Bulls when he was on the cavs. The big big plays in the ECF last year. That string of clearout drives to the basket vs the Magic in game 4 or 5 that series he put up like 40ppg. You saying it didnt happen does not change reality.


This year nobody matched him? Wade 42 points on 17/25 FG with 10 rebounds?

When worthy has a big doesnt mean he matched Magic Johnson in the playoffs.

Why do Lebron fans underrate Wade and Bosh just to prop up Lebron? You talked about it as if he brought the Cavs to the championship. This is the Heat with Wade, top 2 SG and only 1 year removed from prime, Prime Bosh who led his own franchise for 7 seasons avging 20/10, and a top defensive player in Battier.

If you give me prime shaq and I drill a hole in his knee so he plays on a level below dont get to say I had prime shaq. You are as good as you play not as good as your name. Wade was not Wade in the playoffs. And what Chris Bosh did while not missing half the playoffs and producing like Horace Grant does nothing to help 2012. Again....other people saw this happen.


Clutchness may be overrated, but we're not discuss that. That could be another good discussion in another topic. Here? We're simply discussing whether we can conclude that Lebron is clutch or not.

What you conclude is not what "we" conclude. You are not normal. Your opinions are not normal. And history wont care what you think. He won it all. He played big in doing it. End of story.

The rest is...whatever.
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