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Default Re: [VIDEO] Elgin Baylor: "The [Old School] Clinic"

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
If you ever plan on finishing the vid please upload! - your vids are some of my first experiences watching old school legends I always enjoy watching them. Russell also had left and right handed hook shots some with low arc some with high arc (not sure if that's deliberate touch or just a result of him being somewhat raw offensively) - in my 1963 finals game highlight of him he hits it right handed deep in the lowpost (thats his off hand) and he also makes it ambidextrous from 12+ feet in his 1966 Royals playoff footage. He runs the floor many times in games straight off the rebound - these days I would say he was definitely underrated offensively because of his fg% and low volume on a statsheet - it doesn't do his footage justice because he appears to have a nice variety of moves and an almost unmatched ability as a big man to "handle" the ball up the court (again with both hands).
Haven't watched the video yet, but just wanted to say I picked up NBA 2k13 today and promptly added an inch or 2 to all the old school players heights

Idk what the hell they have seen, but they rate Russells speed about a 74 in the 63/4 season and he sprints like a damn turtle...I cant find it anymore but I've seen Russell run scary don't happen to have that showcased in your highlight of him do you?
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