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Default Re: Toronto basketball media needs a good enima....

Originally Posted by Jballer

LA Times does a great job including stats such as attendence etc.

Their columnists also do a lot more indepth analysis around rotations etc.

Now maybe the Lakers are special.. but they have essentially the same info about the Clippers.

And the LA Times media empire doesnt actually own either team as far as I can recall.

I dont know much about selling papers but frankly I thought the only way papers could compete in the new "online web 2.0 world" was to have in depth coverage and insightful analysis ; shit that attracts the above average fan for opinions projections and all the "soft soapy crap" that is available on team websites like "meet Quincy Acy"

Frankly the Star and Sun do give me all that "crap that doesnt sell papers" about how many minutes Nelson Kardry will play this season projected... and how many minutes the Leafs will play their two goalies in rotation.... the first 3 pages is filled with crap about the leafs, their prospects, and analysis.

So you're looking for AP-produced stats tables?

Like this:


or this:

Or this:


And I'm sure the LA Times columnists certainly don't do puff pieces like "A happier Pau Gasol is ready to celebrate the new season with Lakers" (, or stories that promote the Lakers corporate product like "Lakers games become can't-watch-TV" (

Lord knows they'd never print "soft soapy crap" like "Meet Quincy Acy"... I mean, you'd never see an article like "Meet Dwight Howard, court jester" in the vaunted LA Times (

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