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Default Re: Premiere League 2012-2013 season application thread

One last comment for Statman:

I was talking about the last 3 leagues we played together in, not the leagues years before those in which I wasn't even close to my current stage of skill level. Sure things may have gone differently for those, but the last 3 leagues we were both in? You got owned.

It doesn't matter what the leagues were for, they all still were competitions. It only matters that I was the champion of all 3 and you were a loser. It didn't happen once, but it happened 3 times in a row. There is no rivalry here, I am a champion and you are a rug that I just wipe my shoes on in my walk of glory when I win the league.

I mean, I can't believe after the last 3 leagues we were in, you still are even around me. I mean have some shame. You are not on my level, I am a champion and you're a piece of sh*it. And I have the last 3 leagues we played as reference.

It also can't be more obvious why you don't want me to play in this league. After what I did to you the last 3 times we played in leagues, who would. I'm used to it though, I scare much of my competition away.

And lol at the High School BS of "I have your Phone #". So what?

And now a comment to the rest of the league:

I retired from ISH after winning 4 consecutive leagues/competitions including a full year fantasy basketball league on ISH (which was the 2nd most active on ISH). Things were just too easy for me here, I just didn't feel like I had any competition, especially in Fantasy Basketball. You posters are just mere mortals and just posed no competition to me the Fantasy God. Since then I have started playing competitions/leagues like this for $$$ and have made thousands of dollars. Still haven't met anyone on my level.

I'm doing you all a favor and not even applying for this league voluntarily. Because if I joined this league, believe me it would get personal and I would literally tear this league apart through my god-like fantasy basketball skills and win with ease.

And then? Well just like before...disappear like a Legend

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