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Default Favorite villains from anything(movies, games, TV shows, comics)

Who are your favorite villains and why? mine would have to be:

1. Albert Wesker

You can't kill Albert Wesker. He's like Ra's Al Ghul- He'll just come back. He's one of my favorites because he was genuinely evil and he lasted the longest.

2. M. Bison

It's always fun playing as him in the Street Fighter games. He's evil and he simply doesn't give a flying f*ck.

3. Star Wolf

He was one of my first favorite villains; Star Fox was one of the first games that I played as a young kid. A few weeks ago, my arch rival called himself "Star Fox" and me "Star Wolf", and deep down inside that made me happy, even though it wasn't supposed to be a compliment.

I'm going to add a lot more later, now what about you guys?

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