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Default Re: Raptors first preseason game in 10 minutes!!!

Originally Posted by Chamberlain

totally kidding
If you weren't kidding I would've said impact wise I would say that Drummond has the potential when it's all said and done to be the biggest impact guy in this years draft, bigger than AD. I mean at that size, 6'11-7'0 and 280lbs, he's a beast. He has an NBA body already and he's a banger and a big presence in that paint. How he takes advantage of that over the long haul only time will tell.

However, as you know it would've made no sense for us to pick him up. We now have Gray/Val/Bargs/Davis/Amir/Mcgloire. He'd have to get rid of at least one of Bargnani or Val for that draft move to make sense.
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