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Default Re: Jeremy Lin: Still Not 100% Back From Minor Knee Surgery

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Lin is such a hype train, itís ridiculous.
Agreed. A racially charged hype train. He did his thing for like 6 - 12 games. Not even a quarter of an NBA season where teams can truly prepare for you.

That's why when they finally met an elite defense v.s. Miami, he got torn to shreds. And even beyond that game, he committed a lot of turnovers.

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
his expectations or maybe heís just not THAT passionate about playing basketball now after all that hype ?
That's possibly it. Lowering absurd hype, consciously ... or soaking in his 15 minutes of fame, and re-upping the checking account with those now fat Houston Rocket checks.
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